Engaging his audiences with storytelling and simple, yet well-crafted songs, Darren Senn is hitting his stride. 

Highlighting his most ambitious effort to date, Darren has released Detrimental Tendencies, his first full-band album. It paints his picture with a broad stroke, touching on folk rock and rockabilly elements to add to his two previous, mainly solo-acoustic releases. 

The title track is the long-awaited rebirth of a fan-favorite song about bad habits Darren first recorded with just his acoustic guitar for 2008's I Gotta Get Organized. “This sounds a lot like the rockabilly style full-band version of Detrimental Tendencies that's been banging around in my head ever since I wrote it so long ago,” says Senn. The song has been covered regularly by his good buddies, the nationally-touring Dead Winter Carpenters. “I've had the pleasure to perform that one and a couple other songs of mine with DWC, when the stars have lined up. It's pretty awesome to have them play a song of mine, amongst their great catalog.” 

The contrast between dark and light is always present somewhere in Senn's lyrics. It is probably most stark in the toe-tapping, seize-the-moment message in “Before the World Blows Up.” While “Dirty Wrench,” a song based on his father's alcoholism, is haunting and gloomy. “I don't go to that strictly darker place too often; I like to have a light side to offset it, but certain serious songs resonate with me and definitely get good responses from listeners. It's therapy. We all are the human condition. It's great energy to share in the human condition.” 

Senn aspires to carry on, in his own style, the magic of the storyteller songwriters like John Prine, Todd Snider and Townes Van Zandt. “What I love most is the ability to connect in a meaningful way with an audience using just an acoustic guitar and some thoughtful words and melodies. That's a really special place for me. I want us all to go on a little trip somewhere when I get on a stage.” 

Currently residing in Stateline, Nevada (Lake Tahoe), Darren is originally from Eugene, Oregon and will be touring the western states in 2019.